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19 August 2002 @ 06:34 am
good morning  
We got some much needed rain on Saturday and a bit more this morning. The thunder and lightning woke me at about 3:30am this morning.

The weekend was good, as short as it was! I think the days are going to drag now as I look forward to my road trip.

I hope everyone has a great day today! It feels like Monday, so I suppose it it.
Current Mood: awake
Garygdj on August 19th, 2002 01:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Good mornin'
Yes! That is good news indeed Jo! And it's so true about the blessings! Sometimes it's easy to not see them, but they are always there!

New windows. We could use some of those, but I doubt we will get them. We would like to sell this old house. It's so hard to overcome the inertia!
smilinpessimist on August 19th, 2002 02:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Good mornin'
I need to work on remembering that!:-)

You wouldn't believe all the grief getting that guy here to do those windows was!
I'll tell ya, I've definitely felt this Monday!;-)

I'll betcha we've said we were going to sale this old house 10's of times too...but it's quite an episode to do so...
So we continue to hold off!
I understand!

Have a nice evening Gary!
Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me!
Garygdj on August 19th, 2002 03:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Good mornin'
I hope your evening is relaxing for you! And as to being your friend, the pleasure is all mine!
smilinpessimist on August 20th, 2002 05:02 am (UTC)
Re: Good mornin'
After being up till 1:AM Monday...I was sooooo tired last night.
My head touched the pillow & my eyes didn't open until 5:AM.:-)

I'm holding my breath that my son will be able to make it through today.
This is going to be very difficult for him.
I understand, but he needs to realize why he's there & make sure he don't go there again.
I'm sure this will be a very long 9 days.
They may have even added more since he missed 2 days. *sigh*

Have a super good day, Gary!
Garygdj on August 20th, 2002 05:06 am (UTC)
Re: Good mornin'
Thanks Jo! You have a great one too! Are all your kids except the little guy back in school now?
smilinpessimist on August 20th, 2002 05:23 am (UTC)
Re: Good mornin'
Yes, they are. Ahhhh!
You know I say Ahhhh!, but I do miss them!
The baby is getting busier with each passing day!
I have to keep exercising, just to keep up with him. *smiles*
I honestly don't remember it being this tiring!LOL
Both the kids have to be at school at 7:00.
Hubby does the honors. Bless him!
The baby woke a few minutes after they left.
He don't usually nap these days...
As with everyone....he has his good days & not so good days. I always hope for good ones...haha!

Well, here he is...gotta go...
See ya later today around LJ land!
Take care!:-)

Garygdj on August 20th, 2002 05:57 am (UTC)
Re: Good mornin'
Our Abby is back in school too. Her bus comes at about 7am which gets her day started about 6am. It does give Pam more time to herself on the days she doesn't work, but it gets her going early!

See you later Jo!