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28 August 2002 @ 06:32 am
good morning  
Today is my Livejournal second anniversary! As you can see below, I like to comment and I've received a few myself. There are several of you that I've know from almost the beginning and a few that I'm just starting to know a little. The rest fall somewhere in the middle. I've had a few friends who deleted and have come back under another name. I've had a few who deleted and may or may not have come back and I've dropped one or two from my list, but that has been a very rare occurrence.

One thing that LJ has taught me is that I am an encourager and I enjoy doing so. I've also been encouraged by many of you! I've only met one of you in person, but I hope to meet more as time and the Lord allows me too! I want to thank all of my friends here for a good two years. I hope we have many more to build our relationship.

It's Wednesday today, so it's all down hill from here. I hope everyone has a great day today!

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smilinpessimist on August 28th, 2002 06:27 am (UTC)
I'm sure it is quite loud in there for Abigail.
Hope you can find a sitter,:-)so you can both go.

I've been at home now for 3 years because I don't trust anybody enough to leave the baby with.
That'll change when he can communicate better!
I'm not much for sweating and working out in front of ppl. anyway though.

Garygdj on August 28th, 2002 06:47 am (UTC)
Re: Noise!
Yeah, the noise is sometimes almost too much for me too as the childcare area is right next to the treadmills!

We do have regular people who come to be with Abby. They come once or twice a week usually, but often that's when Pam is working, or she has something else she must use the time for. She's a skinny thing, so she doesn't need the exercise in the same way that I do, but she does need the break!