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01 November 2002 @ 07:10 am
ve haf veys of making you talk  
I may be able to do my journaling without my laptop! This should work, atleast for now!

I did not sleep well last night. I'm not used to sleeping on such a full stomache, so maybe that was it. It was worth it though! :-)

It's cold this morning at about 27 degrees. We actually had a few snow flakes yesterday afternoon, but it was above freezing, so none stuck around. It was pretty though.

TGIF! I hope everyone has a great day today and an even better weekend!
Current Mood: accomplished
rbudrbud on November 1st, 2002 07:03 am (UTC)
Dont you just hate those sleepless nights?

and I heard it is going to be cold cold cold here today too.
we might as well get use it ...I think it is here to stay a while.
enjoy your weekend