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18 May 2004 @ 06:05 am
good morning  
I must be getting old. I wake up just about as tired as I went to bed. My legs are extra draggy today! I'm probably sitting in front of the computer too much. I'm a geek for sure.

I hope everyone has a great day today!
Current Mood: tiredtired
smilinpessimist on May 18th, 2004 06:12 am (UTC)
Tell me it isn't so....
I was hoping it was just a phase I was going through for the last year...haha!
I wake up just as tired as when I went to bed too, ofcourse I'm not getting to bed by 8: or 9:00 either.
Last night inspite of all my good intentions, I still got to bed late.
I got to watching a special on Showtime, I think.
Good grief!
It was about a special lady that had adopted many disabled kids.
Boo~HOoo, that's all I can say about it!
Needless to say, it threw me into a thought process about Landon that kept me from sleeping well at all.
I need to remember to turn that TV off.;-)

Hope your legs & you feel better as the day moves along.:-)

Garygdj on May 18th, 2004 06:50 am (UTC)
Re: Tell me it isn't so....
Well, I hate to tell you, but we are all getting older. I don't suppose we have to feel like it though! :=) Actually, my legs and the rest of me are doing better. It's just that first hour of getting going that seems to be the hardest!

What was the name of the special? Was it a showtime exclusive or might we find it elsewhere?
smilinpessimist on May 18th, 2004 09:43 am (UTC)
Re: Tell me it isn't so....
I'm glad you're feeling better.
Yes well, as much as this aching getting old body is slow to move, it beats the hell outta the alternative! huh!?

Gary, I've searched for the last half hour trying to find the name and/or station I was on & I can't find anything that even resembles it.
I'm terrible about catching things in the middle.
I very seldom if ever plan to watch anything, cause my time usually isn't my own.
If I happen to catch it again, I'll be sure to take note of the station & title.
I even called hubby.
He said he thought it was on HBO, I thought it to be Showtime.
I searched both listings among others though & found nothing.
He said that he had to turn it off because it depressed him so much.
I watched the entire thing & then cried like a baby while batheing. LOL
It was definitely a captivating movie.
It spanned 15 years of her life.
I need to start getting a TV guide!:-)
Garygdj on May 18th, 2004 09:57 am (UTC)
Re: Tell me it isn't so....
Yes, each day we wake up on this side of the grass, is a good one!

That's ok on the show. Pam keeps close track of those kind of shows and if we can get it on our cable, she probably already recorded it! :-)