Gary (gdj) wrote,

Did I tell you how much I love vending machines?

I put a quart in the machine. $0.25 registers. I put the second quarter in and it calls it a nickel. $.030 registered. I hit the coin return and get 3 dimes back. So I dig in my pocket and find enough change to try one more time.

I put a quarter in and it registers $.025. So far so good and as a bonus, I get the quarter back in the change return, so I can use it again. $0.50 registered. I put my 5 dimes in and $1.00 shows and I can buy my goodies!

Now lets see. I lost $.020 cents on the first round and gained $.025 on the second round! I'm $.05 cents ahead! GDJ one, vending machine zero! :-)

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