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11 December 2000 @ 06:21 pm
Slipping and a sliding  
My drive home today was certainly "interesting." There were quite a few ice patches and accidents galore. But worst of all was my own driveway. It was and probably still is a solid sheet of ice. I put ice melt on it but as cold as it is, this will not help much. Hmmm, staying home tomorrow is sounding better all the time. Low tomorrow looks like 5 above. Brrrr
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Fezziwig Fandangobandicoot on December 11th, 2000 06:59 pm (UTC)
My mother lived in Minnesota and took several cardboard boxes down to a local headstone maker, who filled them with granite chips from the engraving and polishing process. She kept one box in the back of her car in case she got stuck and used the other one to "sand" the driveway, which was short but with a steep entry. The granite chips were much coarser than sand, so they were much more effective giving traction in snow.
dreamwhisper on December 11th, 2000 08:12 pm (UTC)
no doubt
I had to run for groceries tonight and it was scary driving. When my daughter and I were in the parking lot we were slipping all the time. I love the snow but I can't stand the freezing temperatures. I couldn't even roll down my window because it was frozen shut.